Bringing Home Your New Kitten: 5 Things You Need to Know

Environmental change will bring many negative emotions to sensitive and insecure cats and make them nervous. Therefore, before bringing the cat home, you also need to do some preparatory work to let the cat adapt to the environment more quickly and integrate into this new family. First of all, it's better to do a good job of sanitation and disinfection at home before you welcome a new family member. Because cats like to be clean! Secondly, don't forget to prepare cat food, cat litter, cat bed, and other daily necessities for them.

1. Be More Patient

After bringing the cat home, pay more attention to your cat whether he is nervous. Usually, this is not difficult to observe. The pupils of a nervous cat will dilate and the muscles will be very tense. He would hide in a small corner of the house and refuse to come out. Some cats will make a pronounced panting sound, even lose their hair seriously. Therefore, don't try to catch him at this time. The right way is to prepare food and water for him while staying away from him. Provide him with a quiet environment, and he will come out slowly by himself when he realizes is a safe place. It is better not to disturb him too much before he puts down his guard.

In addition, abnormal behaviors such as constantly licking hair, urinating, scratching sofa chairs, and sabotaging are also manifestations of cat anxiety. For a cat who has just arrived at his new home, you should be more tolerant. You can stroke his head, comfort him, talk to him, and preparing his favorite food, etc. It is not difficult to make your cat happy.

2. Keep A Quiet Environment

When a cat enters the house for the first time, he is still nervous. If there are children in the family, better don't let the children make noisy noises. A quiet environment will help your cat relax.

In addition to this, a better way is to put his bed in a private place of the house. This is more suitable for the cat's personality that likes to hide, and it can also give the cat who has just arrived in a new environment a more sense of security. He will appreciate it if you put his bed in a higher place.

3. Pay More Attention to Your Cat

When a cat arrives at a new home, you should regularly check whether your cat eats,drinks water, or excreted. You have to take it seriously if your cat doesn’t eat or drink for more than a day. Contact his previous owner for help, or bring him to the vet as soon as possible. In addition, cats are prone to sneezing and tearing after changing to a new environment. If these symptoms are not relieved for a long time, ask a vet for help.

Don't forget to play with the cat for a while, snacks and cat toys will enhance your relationship with your new cat. Putting some things he has used in the same place will help him get familiar with the environment as soon as possible. Besides, in order to develop good habits, it is best to prepare a scraper for your cat.

4. Don't Bathe Your New Cat in the First Month

It is best not to bathe the new cat before taking it home, or to bathe it in the new home. This may keep your home clean for you, but it may mean sickness for the cat. Especially for frail kittens, bathing may cause a cold. Coupled with the nervousness brought about by environmental changes, it may bring him more serious diseases. Therefore, we recommend that you bathe the new cat after getting acquainted with the new environment.

5.Don't Change Cat Food Brand Quickly

On the one hand, cats are generally picky eaters. He may refuse to eat if you give him strange cat food in the new environment. On the other hand,  cats' stomachs can be quite sensitive, they get used to the quality of their food, changing cat food brand too fast will upset their stomach and cause diarrhea, lethargy, or throwing up.

The best way is to let him eat the brand that he used to eat for a period of time, then gradually mix in the new brand until you completely stop with the old. 

Apart from this, you also need to adjust yourself and accept a lovely family into your life. Cats are cute, but sometimes they are mischievous just like children. So takes your love and patience to take care of them for life. Don't think of abandoning them as soon as you encounter troublesome problems, because these behaviors will cause great harm to their mind and body.

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