5 Reasons Why Does My Cat Need a Cat Tree

5 Reasons Why Does My Cat Need a Cat Tree

Some people may consider that cats are love freedom, and this fixed concept of pursuing freedom can easily make people think that cats do not need territories. However, a cat is actually an animal with a strong sense of territory. Even domestic cats that live with humans need exclusive space for daily activities. 

Here are 5 reasons why cat trees are will be extremely beneficial to your kitty’s health.

  1. Gives Them Territory
    Cats are not sociable animals. Although sometimes they like to be petted by you, but then there will be more times that they’d like to be alone. Especially if there are unfamiliar pets or people in the house. A cat tree will provide them with a private space that belongs to only them.
  2. Entertaining Center
    No matter your kitten wants to overlook the world on the top perch, explore their territory, or just sleep in a comfortable place, the cat tree works perfectly as a recreation paradise! Your furry friends will tour freely in their castle across the platforms, enjoy a fun time.
  3. It's A Home Gym
    Cats can be extremely active, they enjoy a sound claw workout. Cat trees provide great exercise by letting your cat climb and jump all over. It's not only is that a good thing to meet your kitten's instinctual need, but it can also be a lifesaver for your shoes, clothes, and furniture as well!
  4. Provide A Safe Place to Relax
    Some cats are prone to anxiety when certain changes in daily life. Such as guests come over or add a new pet to the home. They will hide underneath beds or furniture to find a sense of safety.
    Provide a cat tower for your cat friend is like giving him a safe haven. When he stays on his perches, his mood changes from anxiety to relaxation and calm. It is a perfect hideaway for your sensitive baby to enjoy privacy.
  5. A Place of Their Own
    Feline has a natural desire of climbing and scouting the surroundings in high places. They climb onto high-raised furniture, feel like the king of the castle. Giving your cat a tall tower will give them a sense of control. So make sure that you place the tall structure in an area where they can overlook the living room.

Cat trees satisfy a lot of natural needs for your feline friends. They really do need a territory to explore, climb, and scratch. So when you want to splurge on your cat, a cat tree would be one of the best investments. 

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